I’m Rikky Khurniawan

I'm a Passionate Engineer from Indonesia who learn and create many things in multi-discipline science. I believe we can have a talk about Cloud Computing, DevOps, Web Apps, Networking, Cyber Security, Power and Control.

Didn't find what are you looking for ? Just send me an email, believe me that i'm your friendly neighbor 👋

Why I can help you.

Ability to handle multitasking tasks, systems and monitoring to maintain business continuity. Have persistence in troubleshooting, meticulous and detail in every aspect and the desire to keep learning.

Offering dedicated services for your business, combining integration between systems you have, designing systems that are easy to maintain and use. Keep your environment safe by ensuring every aspect complies with the policy. Even support services for developers.

What I can do for you.

  • System Integration
  • System Design
  • Cyber Security
  • DevOps
  • System Administrator

Contact Me.

Use the detailed contact below to reach me privately, it is highly recommended to encrypt email whenever possible using my key (click to download) before you send it to me. When i generate new key, it always updated here.
I'm also available (preferably using email for communication) on Telegram (Text only), Twitter (DM's only), Instagram (DM's only) and Github for project.